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If you are a NYC licensed tour guide and would like to be listed on this site, please write to us at is not affiliated with the Guides Association of New York City ( Many guides listed here are GANYC members. You need not be a member of GANYC to be listed on

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 How to Obtain a Guides Licence
*Guides Licenses are issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs located at 42 Broadway, New York, NY 10004 Tel: 212-487-4444 Fax: 212-487-4090 Web site:

To obtain a license you must:

  • Be a US Citizenship or have a Green Card.
  • Be a resident of New York City for at least two years. (Check with the Department for variations on this rule- i.e. NJ residents).
  • Pass a written examination that tests your knowledge about New York City history, geography, demographics, cultural and tourist attractions.
Here are some suggestions for preparing for the test:
  • Take some tours. Why not view our Scheduled Tours page to see a selection of tours given by GANYC members. Those sponsored by various Business Improvement Districts (B.I.D.s) are free!
  • Start reading. Barnes & Noble stores have entire shelves devoted to New York City. You can also find interesting titles at the Municipal Art Society bookstore on Madison Avenue at 50th Street or the famous Strand Bookstore in Greenwich Village.

    For your convenience, we attach herewith a copy of the application packet that is distributed at the DCA. License_Application_Docs.pdf (450KB !!). It contains valuable study information. Be sure to obtain an up-to-date copy before you decide to take the test.

    * NOTE: Anyone guiding in NYC must be licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs. Bus drivers cannot drive and guide even if they have a valid NYC guide license. The city imposes stiff fines to any individual, bus company or tour operator that breaks the law and hires or uses a non-licensed guide.