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Here are tours and services that members offer. For additional listings, please consult our "Get Resources" section and look at  Scheduled Tours.

Airport Meet & Greet Who offers this tour or service?
    Guides help navigate group arrival and transfer to hotels. New York Airport terminals are extremely congested and buses are not permitted to stand for more than a few minutes in pick-up areas. A guide can steer your arriving group to a correct luggage area, signal waiting buses to approach the gate, welcome your group enroute to Manhattan and assist with hotel check-in. Be advised that a guide may require 2-3 hours of round-trip travel, more, depending on flight delays.
Artists and Art History - in New York! Who offers this tour or service?
    New York is of course famous for the Hudson River School of painters. Their skill and their energy did much to establish New York as the artistic center, and to establish credibility for our artists in the salons of Europe and the world. But, there was Warhol! And there are the artists among us! Visit museums, listen to enlightening lectures, and see artists and their studios - all in New York City!
Bronx Who offers this tour or service?
    Who knew? The Bronx is now being rediscovered, but it never disappeared! It has arguably New York City's best Italian markets, some of its liveliest Irish and West African communities, and, of course, the New York Yankees, the Bronx Zoo and the gorgeous New York Botanical Gardens. Watch as the South Bronx is transformed over the next five years to become the "Downtown Bronx." Take a tour!
Brooklyn Who offers this tour or service?
    A city unto itself until 1898. To see something different, for those repeat visitors. Come see the '4th Largest City in America'. Home of Coney Island, The unforgettable Green-Wood cemetery, Brooklyn Heights and Prospect Park. Where Ebbets Field once Stood to Revolutionary War history.
Bus & Transportation Services Who offers this tour or service?
    Some guides operate their own bus or limo transportation companies or are employed by transportation service companies. These guides can help you arrange airport, in-city or excursion transport services and give you recommendations on price, appropriate vehicles and availability
Central Park Who offers this tour or service?
    Take a guided tour through New York's "backyard". Enjoy the stunning views and learn about the history of one of the greatest parks ever built!
Chinatown Who offers this tour or service?
    Tour this fabulous ethnic neighborhood which has greatly expanded over the past 20 years. Visit the shops, temples and markets of this wonderful community.
Coney Island Who offers this tour or service?
    Coney Island was once the world's most famous amusement park. Visit this oceanside community and learn about it's history. Walk on the boardwalk, eat a Nathan's hot dog, visit the world class Aquarium.
East Harlem Who offers this tour or service?
    This exciting area, also sometimes known as "El Barrio," is the heart of New York City's Puerto Rican community, and home to other Caribbean groups, an old Italian section, a growing West African community, and a newly gentrifying area as well. It throbs with energy! A tour here will open your eyes to the history and culture of one of New York City's largest and most influential immigrant groups - now in its fourth generation.
East Village Who offers this tour or service?
    Get acquainted with one of New York City's oldest and most exciting neighborhoods. Full of historic sights, great restaurants, theaters and parks.
Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty Who offers this tour or service?
    In depth tour of Ellis Island and its history.
Food tours Who offers this tour or service?
    Yum, yum! Bring an appetite and an adventurous palate as you take an eating tour of New York City! Oh yes - you might also want to bring a backpack for the extra goodies you will want to take home!
Greenwich Village Who offers this tour or service?
    Long known for its crooked streets and colorful characters, Greenwich Village today is an attractive residential neighborhood, a college campus, and a lively center for night life: Off-Broadway theatres, legendary night clubs, popular bars, and intimate restaurants. A visit might include the picturesque streets and elegant antique shops of the West Village, history-rich Washington Square, home of New York University, the clubs and coffee houses of Bleecker Street, and the East Village, whose tenements, lofts, and studios house some of the city’s best young creative artists.
Harlem Who offers this tour or service?
    Harlem, the area north of Central Park, contains wide boulevards, rows of classic brownstones and artistic and educational institutions.

Among the major sites to see in Harlem are the Morris Jumel Mansion, Sylvan Terrace, Strivers Row, the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Cultures and the Studio Museum in Harlem. Several sightseeing companies run regular bus tours of Harlem. Member guides who specialize in Harlem tours can introduce your group to local restaurants, gospel and jazz concerts.
Lesbian, Gay, Bi & Transgended Who offers this tour or service?
    As A Transgended individual. I take pride in offering a tour that is inclusive of the LGBT community, I can lead small groups to the places that the movement historically moved and lived through, going back to Walt Whitman. This predates the Stonewall roits. in New York City. In New York we have elect Officials from the community serving in high public office. We are out and proud.
Little Italy Who offers this tour or service?
    A taste of Italy right here in New York City
Lower East Side Who offers this tour or service?
    Check out old churches, synagogues. Get some pickles, lox, halvah, a corned beef sandwich. A vibrant community though changed and still changing. Come and see.
New York City Tours Who offers this tour or service?
    all around Manhattan island or individual neighbourhoods
Northern Manhattan Who offers this tour or service?
    Get to know the history and culture of Manhattan north of Harlem, including Washington Heights, where many Revolutionary War battles were fought (and several landmarks remain, including the Morris-Jumel Mansion, the oldest residence in Manhattan!). This neighborhood also has a rich history and culture that are more recent: Naturalist John Jay Audubon had an estate here and is buried here; the Cloisters Museum is here in beautiful Fort Tryon Park (where an annual medieval festival takes place in Octber); and the neighborhood has become home to New York City's largest Dominican community. Historic Yeshiva University is also based in this neighborhood, offering opportunities for exciting tours!
Old New York Who offers this tour or service?
    Come along for a walking tour of old New York and handle remnants of the American Revolution, walk through the site of PT Barnum's first great success with The Swedish Nightingale, peer into the New Amsterdam beer hall that became the first city hall and seek the park bench where Rudolph Valentino spent the night. Walk up the Broad Way (with a few detours), from The Bowling Green to City Hall and visit America's first saint, several ghosts, The Dimestore King and his Cathedral of Commerce and at least one robber baron along with George Washington, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Greta Garbo and Boss Tweed as we travelling through time in a place that has more resonance for America's history than any other site in the country. See the last surviving house from Eustace Tilley's time, the scars of an anarchist's bomb on JP Morgan's doorstep, the world's oldest artist's model atop the Municipal Building and the porch of the country church where the first president greeted well wishers on the first inauguration day. With both tall and true tales we'll examine the rich layers of the history and architecture of old New York.
Private Tours Who offers this tour or service?
    Guides who offer private tours fill diverse needs of visitors travelling alone or in a small group. These visitors may seek a quick tour of a particular neighborhood, a knowledgable shopping companion for wholesale outlets, specialty boutiques or manufacturers' showrooms or assistance with visiting a distant or hard-to-find area in the City.
Queens Who offers this tour or service?
    The borough of Queens is known for being one of the most diverse in all the United States. Here you will see some of the most thriving immigrant communities from all continents - as well as excellent museums and outstanding food! It's a delight for the gourmet on a budget - and who doesn't want to save money these days? Get close up and personal with some of the cutting-edge communities and ethnic food in all of NYC!
Seniors Tours Who offers this tour or service?
    Whether it’s a swift survey of the city or a relaxed exploration of a specific neighborhood, your guide can tailor a visit to the interests of a senior group. Essentially the same as any other bus or walking tour, a senior tour emphasizes points of interest to people who remember the mid-20th century and minimizes physical stresses like walking and stair-climbing. Most guides who lead walking tours and step-on tours can adapt their repertory to the interests and needs of senior clients.
South Street to Ground Zero Who offers this tour or service?
    A walking tour of the Lower Manhattan area around South street and City Hall Park to Ground Zero.
Staten Island Who offers this tour or service?
    Get to know New York City's fastest-growing borough! It includes the beautiful Sailor's Snug Harbor; the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art; the Richmondtown Restoration; the Alice Austen House; a Frank Lloyd Wright house (yes, in Staten Island!); and even a minor league baseball team! You can also eat quite well and quite inexpensively here!
Step-On Guide Who offers this tour or service?
    A guide who accompanies your group on a tour bus and provides commentary. May assist in planning special routes or visits to requested sites.
Student Tours Who offers this tour or service?
    Most of the students who come to New York are on class trips, traveling with schoolmates in order to see as much of the city as possible in two or three days. Guides who seek this work know the most efficient way to see famous sights, like the Statue of Liberty, are familiar with sites of interest to teens, like the MTV studios, and enjoy the challenges and rewards of spending time with young people. Fees are usually negotiated on a per-itinerary basis, but guides expect fees which reflect the substantial time demands of the work.
Walking Tours Who offers this tour or service?
    Explore a neighborhood at eye-level! Over the course of a two or three hour stroll, your guide will show you the landmarks – remarkable buildings, homes of famous figures, popular gathering spots – and evoke the history and culture that give the neighborhood its distinctive character. Many guides use historic photos, literary quotations, and even songs to enhance their tours. Walking tour guides usually specialize in the neighborhoods they know personally. If you request a custom walking tour, you must allow additional time for research and scouting.